Swing Course Descriptions

4-Week Adult Beginner Swing Course 7:30-8:45pm Every 4 Saturdays either A, B, or C curriculum is taught. Each time you repeat a class series you learn something slightly different. Learn how to swing dance with my Progressive Swing Beginner Course. It is a fun easy way to learn a variety of beginner swing dance basics! We assume that you can only count to 2, walk and run a little. You will get lots of repetition! The steps we teach are simple! Lots of laughs! No pressure! Learn new easy moves every week! We teach a combination of basics from the 2nd video on home page plus an intro to the Frankie Swing Out. Look terrific on the dance floor! Videos below have most moves taught to Beginners. Pay Drop-In or by Groupon.

REGISTER FOR A BEGINNER SWING COURSE Contact Retro Swing Kid by text/call 604 536 0195 or email retroswingkid@gmail.com. Provide your full name, email & phone number. If it is a Groupon provide the 8 digit voucher barcode to verify your deal.

ROUTINE COURSE Bonus class for my really keen swing dance students. 6:45-7:30PM Learn a swing routine to Twistin the Night Away!

COUNTS: PART 1A-2X8 Intro, 8 Charleston, 6 Tuck pop, 6 Pull to CP, 6 Tuck pop, 6 Spot Turn, 6X2 Pull Through 2X, 8 Rocks with Points, 6 Pull to CP, 6 Jersey Bounce, PART 1B- 3X8 counts Charleston into Kick Through Charleston, 4 count turn back, 4 count kick turn kick step ending facing front.  PART 2A- 8 + 6 Inside Charleston, 10 Kick 5x forward, 4 count Turn back with 2 kick steps, 4 Rock step, Break on 3. 8 count Charleston, 8 count Charleston with side stretch away count 5-6, 8 Charleston, 8 Charleston with Side Rock, kick X on 3-4, drag to close 5678. PART 2B-Repeat Part 1B with 8 count Turn back, PART 3A 8 Hand to Hand Charleston start count 1 with Right Kick, end with 2 count R kick-bend and 4 count R Rock Step, Kick step entry into Tandem, 8 count in Tandem, 6 count exit out of Tandem -Follow under joined Right hands as lead comes forward into Flat with follow on Right side of Lead in 6 counts with Rock Step, Kick step, R Kick x , 4 count Freeze, Side By Side- 4 counts: L RS Kick X, 4 counts Right Rock Step Kick X into 8 counts Suzy Q, 12 Cherry Drop, 8 Egg Roll.


Africa Solo Charleston Video 1.40
3×8 He Crazy Legs. She walks back and forth with claps.
4th 8 Mess Around. She-R arm on hip, L arm high to low circle
3×8 Skates R, L, R23, Reverse, Repeat R
4th 8 L 2 step full turn. Jump forward on both.
2×8 Forward kicks: Double Kicks-Palms push forward.
3rd 8-4 kicks
4th 8-double kick+2 count freeze + kick step.
4×8 Shoe Polish,
2×8 sway-sway close with shimmies
2×8 Paddle turn with hands head to hips
2×8 20s Charleston
2×8 sway-sway close with shimmies
2×8 Paddle turn with hands head to hips
Face Partner: Forward 6 Low Runs, 2 -count hold up.
Back 6 Low Runs, 2-count hold up.
8 Forward 4 Low Runs, 2-count hold, 2 count Rock Step
12 -Hand-to-Hand Charleston.
4 turn, 8 count elbow link pose
4 scarecrows
4×8 X kicks: 2X Kick Step, Double Kick Step
2×8 Swoop Kick, Floor Tap Charleston
2×8 ½ turn double kick traveling Charleston with partner
3 Scarecrows turning
4 Facing back: 4 Runs back.
2 Arms up, 2 Look Over R Shoulder, long R arm point to front.