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 Dance Videos and Links: How What Where When and Why:

Video links for beginners:

Advanced styling for the follows with Nina!


Lindy Hop as we do it at the Jump Joint! 

Toronto Lindy Hop on VOX


Learn to Dance Lindy Hop:!v=U-lsAx39G_g&feature=related


Basics of Lindy Hop!v=SqklCcu1_rU&feature=related


Lindy Hop meets Charleston

Rockabilly Jive: a modern off shoot of Single Lindy

Jitterbug to Rockabilly



Rock and roll moves that come from Lindy Hop


Hand Jive with Johnny Otis:

Great 50s music and dancing by 3 tions of Joy

Carolina Shag


Videos with Joel and Louise:


Intermediate Lindy Hop:

Advanced Lindy Hop:

Groovie Movie: Scroll down to watch!

Tricks and Air Moves in Swing: AWESOME!

Andy and Nina in Lindy Hop Jam:


Shim Sham with Frankie Manning:  and


Surrey website in England :


Camp Hollywood Swing Videos: Totally addicting!


Fun Line dance- The Jive Stroll Spirit Moves Documentary: Lindy Hop. Amazing Lindy 

Charleston and Lindy Hop!  Watch a video clip to find out how Lindy Hop evolved from from the Charleston.  Spirit Moves-EXCELLENT  for places to dance anywhere: lots of listings Check out the beginner East Coast lessons in the link below: I personally reccomend it!

Rusty`s Rhythm Club Stomp: with Rusty and from the original movie: Lady of Burlesque. Here are the steps for the Rhythm Club Stomp:

  • Basic 20's Charleston (Right) beginning on count 1
  • Knee Slap Right x 2, Knee Slap Left x 2 beginning on count 8
  • Basic 20's Charleston (Right) beginning on count 1
  • Knee Slap Right x 2, Knee Slap Left x 2 beginning on 8
  • Stomp Right, Step Left, Kick Right, Ball Change Right/Left (Half Break) beginning on 8
  • Repeat
  • Shim Sham Break beginning on 8 (Step Right, Touch Left, Step Left, Touch Right, Walk back Right, Left, Right, Left)
  • Walk Around to Right in Half Time beginning on 1, Starting w/ Right Foot, Shimmying Shoulders
  • Mess Around to Right
  • Fall Off The Log to Left, Fall Off The Log to Right beginning on 8
  • Basic Truck starting with Right Foot on 1
  • Repeat 10 & 11
  • Fall Off The Log to Left, end with rt crossed over left on 3, hold 4, reverse legs 5, hold 6, turn around halfway 7
  • Ladies walk forward for two counts of 8 in the style of a "showgirl".
  • Men hold 8, begin "pimp walk" with right foot crossing in front of left and right hand swinging wide to right on 1. Half-time pimp-walk for two counts of 8.
  • Men and women do Shim Sham Break on 8, turning half way around on counts 4, 5 and 6. All stomp forward on left and point with right hand on 7.  view East Coast Basic and sample teaching videos.  Online radio for swing music! Swing chat lines! Calendar of Swing Events! Online shopping for swing dancers! History of Swing and more!  watch a music video performance of East Coast Swing.

 for videos of daxandjojo


Groovie Movie:


Maharaja Short:

Collegiate Shag:
Swing Fever:
Shorty George and Big Bea:
The Power Girls:
Lindy Hip Hop:
Dean Collins and Jewel / Andrews Sisters
Al Minns
Swing Dance from Movie Twice Blessed:  SISTER KATE all girls from Seattle for local places to cut a rug Quebec swing in French and English Order videos  -Myles Munroe West Coast Swing  -Seattle -great videos

   -swing history-Big Apple

   -Swing Etiquette

  -everything about swing!

 -Balboa & other videos

 -Marty & Val Balboa videos

  -Hot Swing Dance venue in LA

  -swing dances & classes in LA  -AWESOME! 

local dance supply shop!

Great jive dancing to the Noisettes: a tribute to Rosetta Tharpe

Hear the guitar playing sensation: Rosetta Tharpe