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Got a date with an angel! Meet her at 8

Pay your dollar at the door! Don`t be late!

Dress to impress with a grin! Cry no more!

We will match you up with your Angel

 Dancing 4 one hour in heaven!

If you can walk or run or count to 2

If swing dance is new to you; Just one hour, that will do!


To the really swingin jazz tunes from the the 30s and 40s 

Meeting all the swells and the darlings of dance,

The Retro Swing Kid & Company, Guarantee this to be A really good time!

Feb 10, 2018 Tatyana: You are a very good teacher!

April 2017 

We had a wonderful time, Thanks Ed and Susan

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and passion for swing! It is so inspiring and you are a wonderful teacher! Elizabeth

You have taught me so much! Thank you for your patience and dedication that you have put into teaching us. Anthony

Your generosity and commitment to hosting these dances has been an oasis of fun! Tim

You are the best. Shawn

Thanks for all the fun! William

It`s been so much fun!! Justin

Dec 15 2017: Meganne: Thank you again for a fantastic evening last night. :-) I had such a wonderful time and can`t wait to start up again in the new year! (Comment texted morning after a Swing Dance) 

Feb 22, 2012: Sam A.: Thank you for all your email updates. I`ve actually moved and won`t be able to attend your fun swing dance classes anymore. You`re a great teacher! God bless you!

2012 SUN DEC 18:  WHALLEY CHRISTMAS DANCE PARTY:  Trevor W.: "I wanted to acknowledge you for an awesome event last night at the Metro Kids facility. It was a very fun evening and it looked to be quite the success.  It was fun watching you in your element.  You are an excellent dance instructor and Amber and I had a lot of fun learning a few swing moves!" From our talented musician/vocalist, Gail Hawksworth: "I wanted to say a big thank you for having me entertain for your event.You were so well organized and I really enjoyed meeting everyone. You have a nice group of kids they are really great!! The choreography for you and Kirk was very well done, I admire your creativity in that area. You are also very clear when you teach. I was really impressed how well you explain the dance moves, everyone understands right away, you have a very professional way of teaching and it was a pleasure to watch everyone learn new things, they were all so happy when they finally got it right!"

Good place for beginners! Individual attention and value for money!

Just wanted to say thank you for having us in class last night, we had a blast! Feb 5 2013

We had a blast on Monday! (Retro Swing Course) Feb 7 2013

You will have alot of fun! For girls-a great place to pick up hot guys who can move. For guys-tell them they will learn how to get the ladies..

(after first lesson) We learned enough steps to immediately start dancing. Easy to get started with only a few steps, but you can still keep adding steps.

: It is a great way to get a solid foundation

: It is FUN! Good to improve your skills, add style and learn new moves. Great Experience!

: Small class size makes this enjoyable. Great music.

: You will learn alot of cool moves!

: We got constant review as we progressed to new levels. Very enthusiastic instructors and lots of fun.

: Great for learning basics ad some styling

: It`s fun easy to learn and instructors are quite patient. They allow you to repeat classes while going into the next level which helps to advance you more quickly.

: Welcoming environment. Easy to afford. Fun instructors

: The excitement of learning and getting a hold of it. It starts out very slow so as not to be intimidating. Very exciting.

: It is fun and easy to get into-you can do alot with a few basic moves. There is a large variety of possible moves-finally figuring out switches.

:Good exercise

: Hot dudes

: Excellent instruction. The class was a lot of fun. Good exercise. Meet new people-lots of fun.