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Single Lindy Lessons  



Beginner Swing with Single Lindy Hop: easy natural movement using walks & runs and you only need to be able to count to 2. Each walk gets 2 beats.

Walk forward with the heel first, walk backward with the toe first. Each run gets one beat of the music. Keeping feet apart as though hugging the sides of a box; run backward and forward staying on the toes. This allows you to swing your runs and walks from side to side.Frame is a a slight jackknife forward and feet are apart for all movement: walks and runs. Shoulders back and down--good posture. 

Closed position flat with a partner. Comfort is the priority before you start dancing. First lead places right arm around follow`s waist, next follow places their left arm on the back of the lead`s arm or shoulder. 

Leads start left foot,follows start right foot. Travel with runs or walks as the lead directs or stay in place and take one walk forward and one walk back.

Rock Step: 2 runs; one back one forward keeping feet naturally spaced.

Freeze Break: Rock step STAMP forward on first walk in a lunge led by the lead. Exit break with a walk back.

Basic: Rock Step with 2 runs (back, forward) 2 walks ( forward, back) Action frame stays constant throughout.

Closed position BOX WALKS: Square up to your partner with relaxed front hand clasp connection. Feet hug sides of the box, Follow mirrors the lead. 

Put it together: Walks in flat or in a box , break, come out on any one beat. basics with front hand.

Social invite to dance: Give the lady a hand up! Wait for intro to be over before doing OP. Start in closed position, any style, walks, break, basic in CP, 

Start in closed position flat: Charleston: Rock step, one walk forward, swing the leg forward and back, one walk. To exit take the front hand. 

Charleston Entry or Exit : CP Basic or Jockey or Freeze Break

Arch Turn out of CP on count 3 of the basic. 


Winter 2013 Single Time Lindy Hop or Retro Swing Dance: Dance Patterns for 10 lessons: 

  1. 8 beat wait in CP flat, 8 count walks, 8 count runs. Jockey 
  2. Charleston 3X, Break.
  3. CP Basics facing front, Break    
  4. 4 CP basics circling CCW, Break
  5. CP basic, Arch Turn to OP, Loop Turn to CP, CP Basic, Break
  6. 2CP Basics, Arch Turn to OP, Loop Turn Trading Places, Break. Leads face back. 
  7. 4 OP Basics (2 basics circling ˝ way CW), Break with 4 walks. Leads face front.
  8. 4X Trading Places: Arch Turn, Loop Turn, Arch Turn, Loop Turn, Break with 4 walks
  9.  OP Basic, Cuddle in, Cuddle out, Cuddle in, Break to unwind follow.
  10. Dance to song phrasing 4 sets of 8 counts of music. Optional: add styling to breaks.

#1 Lesson routine: 32 counts


PARTNERS: LEAD FOLLOW CP almost flat, and with front hands free. Lead`s right arm connects to follow`s back. Follow`s left arm connects to Lead`s right arm just above the lead`s elbow. Comfort is more important than where or how to connect. LEAD STARTS LEFT FOOT; FOLLOW STARTS RIGHT FOOT. Be ready to start dancing with all your weight on the opposite foot. WALKS & RUNS FOR DANCING: WALKS: Ready with all your weight on the foot not starting, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Walk with clean transfers of weight. 2 beats: forward: heel/toe. Backward: toe /heel, * Relax, knees/shoulders, swing arms, nod head.  2X: Walk 8cts forward, 8 counts back.  8 count JOCKEY: 2X (1 walk forward, 1 walk back) RUNS: 1beat: stay on the toes for all runs. Run 8 forward/run back 8/ run 1 back, 1 forward 8X in place

#2 Lesson Routine: 32 counts


CHARLESTON: 8 counts: Natural movement: Rock step, 1 walk forward, swing your other leg or tap the heel in front, 1 walk back on count 7, 8. FREEZE BREAK: Rock, step, stamp hold count 456, transfer weight back count 7, 8. Lead takes follow`s front hand for CP on 5. STYLING BREAK: Break with styling on count 5, 6. Transfer weight back on count 7, 8: Crazy Legs, Hips, Shoulders: down, down. 

#3 Lesson Routine: 32 counts.


CLOSED POSITION: CP with front hands clasped. Take the clasp on the previous break on count 5. CP BASIC: 6 COUNTS: 2 runs, 2 walks: Run: count 1 back, run count 2 forward. Walk: 3,4 forward, 5,6 back.  Sing: Rock Step, Step-Step-    

#4 Lesson Routine: 32 counts


CIRCLING: Leads: circle CCW with 4 basics: make 4-quarter turns for a 4-wall circle. Lead pivots on count 2: facing each wall on 3.

#5 Lesson Routine: 32 counts


ARCH TURN /LOOP TURN: Lead stays in place. Follow travels on the turns. Lead uses the arm on the follows back to take them forward on count 2 of the basic for the Arch turn. Leads make the Arch or Loop on count 3. Follows turn following their hand, going under their hand on the Arch turn. Arch turn is to the Follow`s right & Loop turn is to the Follow`s left, going forward on the first walk and back on the second walk. After the Arch turn the lead allows the joined hands to relax to follow`s waist height before taking the rock step and leading the follow back to closed position with a loop turn. Lead needs clear a path for the follow to go straight and the lead needs to get their right hand on follow`s back by count 4 and take them back for the second walk in CP.

#6 Lesson Routine: 32 counts.


LOOP TURN TRADING PLACES: Leads do a ˝ right turn with the basic traveling: first walk forward pivot, second walk backward, staying out of the Follow`s way. The follow follows their connected hand going in the direction they are led until the rock step.

OPEN POSITION BREAK:  With one hand connection, ( Lead`s left hand to Follow`s right hand): rock step, lead stamps to the left side on 3, holding 456. Leads step to their right side on 7, 8. The follow squares up to follow the lead when in OP.

#7 Lesson Routine: 32 counts.


OP BASIC: Lead stands in front of the follow, leading a rock step and the 2 walks (use toe first if walks are in place facing the lead): 1st walk is forward and to the side and second walk is to the other side. End first OP Basic in 2 hands where there is more connection. Lead circles ˝ CW with 2 OP basics. End 4th OP basic with one hand connection. Best to change hand connections on any walk in the basic.

#8 Lesson Routine: 32 counts.


ARCH TURN TRADING PLACES: On rock step the lead stays to the right side of the follow while turning left. On count 3 the lead is behind the follow`s back, making sure the follow has the hand in front & above their head. Both travel forward on the 1st walk and back on the 2nd walk. 

#9 Lesson Routine: 32 counts.

OP B 2 hands, Cuddle in, Cuddle out, Cuddle in, Break 

CUDDLE: Take a loop turn to CP while keeping 2 hands. Lead stands slightly behind the follow when in the cuddle position. BREAK out of Cuddle: Rock Step unwind follow to the right side with the right hand taking 3 walks in place on count 3, 5 and 7.


1) STANDARD STARTER:  Jockey, CP basic, arch/tuck turn, loop turn, OP basic, 

2) CUDDLE & HAMMERLOCKCuddle in, out, hammerlock in. out, Charleston

3) WRAP: OP basic in 1 hand, lead wrap, Follow loop turn changing places, OP basic, Charleston

4) PULL to CPOP basic in one hand, lead wrap, follow loop turn, pull to CP, Charleston.

5) CHANGE HANDS to R to R: Charleston, CP basic, Arch Turn, Loop Turn to R-to-R, Loop turn to change places and change hands.

6) OP basic in one hand, lead wrap to R-to-R, Loop turn to change hands, pull to CP, Charleston

7) PULL TO CHANGE PLACECharleston, Arch turn to OP, loop turn, lead wrap to R-to-R, FREE pull to OP/CP,

8) OP basic, lead wrap to R-to-R, 2x Pull to change places, change hands. 8ct break.

9) TAP THE BACKWrap to R-to-R, 6X tap the back step, Loop-Turn to change the hand. OP basic.

10) TUCK TURNOP 2 hands, RS TUCK TURN, Loop turn, trading places, pull to CP, Charleston

11) CP basic, Tuck Turn to OP, Loop Turn to CP, CP Basic. Charleston

12) TUCK/SPIN: OP basic 2 hands, TUCK SPIN, OP basics, Loop turn, 8ct break

13) CP basic, Tuck spin, OP basic, Pull to CP, Charleston

14) OP basic, Tuck turn to hammerlock, basic to OP, loop turn, 8ct break

15) OP basic to 2 hands, Cuddle, Tuck turn out of Cuddle, loop turn, Break

16) SWEETHEART: OP basic, pull across: changing hands to SWEETHEART, tuck turn to OP, Free PULL THRU, OP 8 count.

17) Basic in sweetheart, tuck turn to OP, Follow turn-lead turn, pull to CP, Charleston

18) SKATERS: OP basic, pull ax changing hands to SKATERS, Charleston, tuck turn to OP, Free PULL THRU, 

20) Basic in skaters, tuck turn to OP, DOUBLE TROUBLE Turns, Free pull to CP, Charleston.

21) HESITATION TUCK XS: CP basic, HESITATION TUCK TURN: RS Tuck x, Tuck X, Tuck turn, loop turn, OP Basic,

22) DIP ENDING: OP basic, Lead wrap to R-to-R, Loop turn Follow lead also turning to hair brush R hand over head to position follow at leads Left side to pull her into dip as lead lunges on the right leg. Lift R hand up over your head, Turn follow changing hands.


Progressive Easy/Beginner/Beginner Plus Single Time Lindy Hop 

#1 Open Dance Position Basic, 6 ct single rhythm: quick quick slow slow. Also called Run Run Walk Walk. Runs get one beat each and walks get 2 beats. Practice walking to the beat with heel toe when walking forward and toe heel when walking backward. Start OP with feet shoulder width apart. Move with bounce and a tilt: side, side, back forward. Call it rock step, step, step.  Push off with the ball of the foot on rock step. You can start the basic either with the slow slow or the rock step-either works. JJS usually teaches the rock step ( also called the Back Step) to start. Both are acceptable! With a partner –follow stands in front of the lead with 2 hands connected. His hands folded in half, fingers at 90 degrees to the palms with palms facing. Her hands are cupped, with her palms to the back of the lead`s fingers and her fingers folded over top. Thumbs are joined to the other fingers.. Arms are parallel, elbows slightly bent and her forearms are parallel to the floor. There is feeling of resistance between them called connection.  Leads start with the left foot, follows start with right. The names of moves are not what`s important. What`s important is to be able to lead or follow. 

 #2 Outside to inside turn- two 6 ct basics. Also called Arch turn to Loop turn. Lead needs to adjust his rock step to move out of the way to lead follow forward to pass by on first his left side then on his right side as he walks around the follow. Lead`s left arm goes up on count 2 or on step of the back step and before 1st slow walk : follow turns as the arm goes up, follow turns under the joined hands.. On the Outside turn follow turns right and the Inside turn is to the follow`s left. They square off on the next rock step. The lead for a turn usually happens on the STEP of Rock step or on ct 2.


# 3 Closed Dance Position Basic.- Lead places his right hand either all the way around the back or in the centre of the follow`s back. The follow places her left hand near the top of the lead`s shoulder blade. The hands infront are as for Open position. The resistance between them puts them in a V position with the basic going forward and back and rock step. In closed position it is essential to connect well on the follow`s back and to relax & keep the front hands lower.

#3 B.  Flat Closed Position for Lindy Charleston: Front hands are free to swing: Lead arm arounf the follow waist puts them in a flat position facing forward. Think rock step step, swing your leg! Move around led by the lead bar  behind the follow back. Throw in a few freezes for breaks in the song for fun!

 #4 CDP outside to inside turn-Lead uses his hand on her back to send the follow out.

#5 Closed DP circling –happens on the lead`s first slow moving clockwise or counter clockwise.


#6 She turns, he turns: Using the outside to inside turn, after 1 basic, he sends her out pulling her thru, she does her inside turn on the first slow step, he then turns counterclockwise under his own arm on the second slow step.

#7 Man skin turn or wrap-from open position, after the rock step, the lead drops his right hand, he steps forward on the first slow step pulling his left hand to the right side of his waist. On the second slow he takes a side step while she faces him sliding her hand across the skin of his back. He catches her hand palm to palm

#8 Closed Position tuck turn- He preps the tuck by twisting her out on his rock step. He`ll set up the tuck on his slow left, they square off, his left arm is above her head height in a palm to palm position. On the 2nd slow step he`ll push her out. CP Tuck Turn to open-Similar but different from the underarm to open: Think, Twist Tuck Turn Twist her out while keeping hand connection-use the rock sideways to twist her. Tip-the right hand pressure on her right side forces her to twist-right arm will be straight on the twist. On Step(of rock step) tuck her in to square off to you (shoulders & hips) having your left hand raised to her head height. on the step (of triple step) turn her to face you. Tip- on 1st Triple-look at your partner Tip-by the end of the first triple the left hand should be down. FOLLOWS- On most turns use pivot, step & keep your elbow bent infront of you so you can see it. Stand tall & do not anticipate the lead.

#9 Basic cuddle-From 2 hands in open position he`ll pull her under his left arm into the cuddle. She ends up at his right side dancing the footwork of the closed position basic. He`ll then lift the left arm up and send her out to 2 hands.

#10 Cuddle yoyo- Start the cuddle with 2 hands, pull her into the cuddle and dance the basic together, then he`ll unwind her to the side and finish with a tuck turn to send her out.  

#11 She turns, he turns changing hands behind the back-After the tuck turn, on the second slow step of the basic as her right hand is coming down, he`ll pass her right hand into his right hand. He`ll take the rock step and pull her under clearing her head height on the first slow step. On the second slow step he changes the hand behind his back.

 #12 The American Armside- From open position with 2 hands swing the arms in on the rock step and up to loop over the heads. Finish with the changing hands behind the back piece.

#13 Sweetheart to passing free spin-from right to right handhold he`ll walk her across into sweetheart position. They`ll take a closed position basic. He`ll send her out under his left arm on the next basic to a passing free spin at waist level.

#14  Sweetheart to trading places with passing free spin-From sweetheart he`ll send her out under the left arm. Now they`ll trade places keeping both hands. First he`ll step under both arms one at a time, then she`ll step under the arms one at a time. They`ll finish with the same passing free spin.

#15 Two handed cross kicks- Signal the move by lead adjusting the hands on the second slow of the open  basic. Cross kick 4 times. Finish by pushing her into rock step. Readjust the hands and return to the basic.

#16  Wrap in-From open position the lead lifts his left arm for her outside turn, keeping both hands. He lowers the right hand behind her back on the 2nd slow. The left arm pulls her around til she squares off to him on the rock step. He pulls with both arms to unwrap her.

#17 Wrap in to double turn out- He pulls the lower arm and she does 4 steps for a double turn. Double turn-both replace the 2 slows with 4 even steps for the 2 turns. Follows think-turn look –spotting the lead


#18 Lindy Charleston-6 count Lindy Charleston: In closed position basic drop the front hands and wrap her waist tightly. Both face forward and rock step, kick forward step, kick forward step. Let the free hands dance with you. The upper body is forward and there is a bouncing motion throughout.


#1 X hold tuck with free spin-is really 2 tuck turns -Tuck basics-prep by twisting her out, square off on the tuck, turn her out change the hand and square off in open before the rock step. Prep another tuck on the rock step. square off stepping to the side on your left. Connect with a tense right arm at her waist height . Give her a push a she pushes off into a free spin on her right foot. -Take a tuck from closed position into open right to right handhold. Twist her out on the rock and tuck and free spin her at waist level. He preps the tuck by twisting her out on his rock step. He`ll set up the tuck on his slow left, they`re squared off, his left arm is above her head height in a palm to palm position. On the 2nd slow step he`ll  push her out. To change the hand he brings his rt hand up to meet her rt hand. Follow` arm moves the body as a unit
#2. Step Xs- Prep a tuck then any even number of step Xs before the turn. Prep a tuck but keep the left hand low and adjust the right hand to her hip as you step to the side on the 1st slow then X away on the 2nd slow. Repeat the step X`s until the lead is ready to complete the tuck turn

#3 Circling Step Xs rotate CCW

#4 Tap the back step. From right to right the lead opens his arm more to the right to pivot the follow to tap her back . As he crosses she taps he is back. End with the tuck with free spin. Rotate CW from x handhold any even # of taps –6 then tuck with free spin

#5  Frankie`s Strut CP Tuck to x hold to reverse skaters hold Strut tuck out -The Strut is just a 6 ct basic with kick X on ct 1,2,3,4. Move fwd in small or big steps. The lead for the Strut is established with the follows L hand bent down on top of the lead`s L hand which is extended out to his L side. Frankie`s Strut -Using 1 basic-from R to R the lead gives the girl an underarm and looking over his left shoulder he goes forward turning a quarter to his left placing her in reverse skaters with her on his left side. With her right hand behind his back and his L hand infront of her waist joined to her Left hand they go forward in a strut basic which is kick step kick step rock step. When he wants to bring her out of the strut he release the left hand and walks her forward into a closed position with his R hand on her back and his Left and joined to her R infront. From here he give her a free tuck out using only the hand on the back to initiate the turn.

#6  One Handed X kicks, 2 CP basics, Tuck, Change to R to R, X kicks, Tuck with free spin- notice on the X kicks both using same foot, the body leans forward and then across. Both start with right foot- Kick, bend knee, kick to a straight leg, step down.
The base leg pivots kick pivot kick step! Use a X hold, thumbs up. The hands continue to adjust (to L to L) they adjust again coming out.
Practise connection. To get in & out leads use cheat step: Heel pop push your hips back- Heel pop replaces the Rock step! Start with 2 CP basics, tuck turn with hand change, heel pop to kick R L R L. Cheat again to finish with a tuck & free spin! Trade places & return to CP

 #7 Cross Hold Double Loop- lead 2 loops over the head to CP-leads use finger tip connection and follows keep the arms infront in a casual bend to be ready at any time to go into CP. Leads stay in place and get the right hand on her back asap X Hold Double Loop: 2CP Tuck Hand Change, Loop, Loop,-4 basics: An easy pattern that comes in handy, from a x hold the leader loops his R arm(1st slow) up and over his head while asking underneath for the left Hand. When he takes it he then loops his L arm over his head (2nd slow) and they end up in closed position. Notice when he loops his chin is lifted & his eyes are looking at his partner. His elbows are out of the way-out to the sides of his face. He finishes the lines looping all the way down to the neck!

#8 The Duck Walk end with double loop - From CP tuck turn-.right to right- rock-step -duck walk-.rock step- double arm loop. The Duck walk: pattern of step together-- She R He L: when you step forward step onto a straight leg. Let the hip push out behind you. 2 CP Tuck, hand change, -After RS he`ll turn his back to her, pivoting on his right foot, he`ll step L and Duck walk for 6cts,  123456 finish with the RS & the double loop going to CP.

#9  The Chug Step-  In CP move fwd together with snaps-2 CP basic, 6 cts of step together (3 chugs) , tuck out, underarm to trade places. CHUG – partners in Closed P. move forward in unison! Using opposite feet! His hand on her back pushes her forward! While the hand in front snaps or at least moves with the body as you chug forward. On the RS before the Chug he moves his hand all the way around the right side of  her waist. When he moves her his right leg stays connected to her left leg so the move as a unit. The footwork is the same step together action as the duck walk. Finish Chug with a rock step! Do a tuck turn connection with the hand in front & turning her out underneath it.

#10 Wrap in to Jump: From a basic wrap the man connects his r wrist at her low waist, locking her between both arms. Timing is RS Jump hold RS Both land on both feet at the same time. From the wrap he will give her a push & a pull & pass her behind him as he moves under his own L arm.

#11 Wrap in to Circling Kicks- kick around#10 Charleston-8 count Lindy Charleston basic –In closed position basic drop the front hands and wrap her waist tightly. Both face forward and rock step, kick forward step, kick forward & kick back step. Let the free hands dance with you. The upper body is bent forward and there is a bouncing motion throughout.

#12 Wrap in to Circling Kicks with Jump: Kicks are single Kick step etc He starts L She R. From the wrap in he pushes her with the hand on the back for circling kicks. Finish with the same RS & jump on the end!

#13 Sliding Door: Start in wrap in! After the RS he steps across with his L foot under his L arm. On the second slow step he steps under his R arm & they square off in a reverse wrap. After the RS she will turn CW 2x until back in 1st wrap in position. As 1 arm goes up the other goes down. They both look over their shoulder toward each other. Finish with a jump on the end. 2OP/wrapin /sliding door/ turn her/ jump/ RS 

#14 Sliding Door Combo-  like the octopus –leads push/ pull /do Sliding Door/ Wrap in to Kicks and Wrap in to Jump in a combo

#15 X kicks in layout position-Traveling Charleston Two-Handed Cross-kicks in Layout Position - From Open Position. Drop hands on second slow and give a good arm swinging lead into the rock step and then into the kicks. Bring hands down and pause to get out of this move... leads: lead the exit from this move during the second kick with right leg X Kicks in Layout: Uses opposite ftwrk-Begin from OP On 2nd slow he releases his R hand from hers. He guides her RS  to the side rather than straight back. His L arm pulls thru the middle & walks her forward on the 1st slow of the basic, then the arm pulls sharply between them again & holding her to the L side of his body he begins the X kicks in Layout position. Notice he takes hold of her 2nd hand on the X kicks. To come out he plants solidly with his R to lead a RS and return to OP basic.

#16 Toe Heel X`s- Palm to palm: Toe Heel Crosses - From open position. Switch hand grip during second slow-.rock step then starting with left (leads) toe, heel, cross in front...then with right (leads) toe, heel, cross in front and repeat and then exit the move during a cross with your right foot(leads). Return to normal grip.

#17  The Man`s Flat Back-Like skin turn-1 arm high and bend; From OP Keep the back straight as you bend.

 #18  The Tunnel- from sweetheart-under 2xs:

#19  Intro Easy Intermediate Footwork Double & triple time All the above basics done in triple time. Single Rhythm review -Double Rhythm- Tap Step, Tap Step, Rock Step or Tap Step, Tap Step, Step Step. Triple Rhythm - Tri-ple-step, Tri-ple-step, Rock Step or 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 6.
Adding the Triple Steps in, we reviewed the: Closed Position - good frame, connection between elbows, Diamond Shape.Tuck Turn - From Closed Position. Out, in, spin. Keep your triples steps though-lea
d pushes the follow through on ct 4.