Safe Space Dance Etiquette
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Safe Space Dance Etiquette


#1 SMILE: Be a fun person to dance with in class and on the social dance floor! Be friendly-don`t take anything too seriously.

Etiquette in the Dance Class

#2 Dance lesson format is usually a circle around the instructors. Our classes are often balanced so everyone has a partner, but if there are singles, they are usually spaced in between the couples. Singles are waiting for a rotation to have a partner to dance with. A rotation is called every 2 minutes.  When a rotation is called, smile and introduce yourself to your new partner. If you and your partner decide not to join in the rotation still smile and introduce yourselves to the new dancer and politely decline saying: “Thanks for offering, but we are not joining the rotation this time.” Be friendly! Repeat this every time you decline a rotation. When joining in the rotation, please first thank your current partner for dancing with you before introducing yourself to the next one. Thank you for your help in making everyone feel welcome in the dance lesson regardless of dance experience or partner status.

#3 Please listen when the dance instructor is talking. Dancers cannot listen to 2 voices at the same time. Please direct your questions to the instructor rather than to your classmates so everyone can benefit. The instructors provide frequent opportunities for students to ask questions, give comments or share ideas. Please interrupt the instructor when they are talking if you have a question about their instructions. Excuse me. Thank you. Please and You Are Welcome quickly get the instructor`s attention.

#4 Please remember that it is not the role of a student in the dance lesson to criticize or correct another dancer. That is the instructor`s role. 

IMPORTANT: Let the instructor know if you are uncomfortable with any instructions. We will always adapt the instructions to help you feel comfortable. Tell the instructor right away if you experience pain when dancing in class. Do not perform a move that causes pain to your body. You could be aggravating a previous injury. 

Etiquette at the Social Dance

#5 At the social dance invite someone to dance with you: For example: Would

you like to dance? Ask the same person for a 2nd dance if they look interested. Asking the same person more than twice can be misconstrued as pushy. Better to wait & see if they ask you to dance next.

#6 If you injure your partner or anyone on the dance floor, please apologize first and then offer your help. The lead is always at fault if the follow is injured even 

if another dancer injures the follow or if another dancer is injured by their follow. If you are injured, let your partner know right away. Stop dancing until you have recovered.

#7 Accept or decline an invitation with a smile. No explanation necessary. Valid reasons for not accepting an invitation to dance: bad breath due to food or alcohol, or poor hygiene. If you do decline an invitation, say something like, " I`m good, thank-you, but thanks for asking" Wait for the next song or next rotation to dance. At the end of a song, always thank your partners for dancing with you.

#8 Please report any rude, unsafe or pushy behaviour to the dance instructor. The instructor will address this and if the instructor determines the offender to be a threat to the safety of the dancers, they may be denied admission to dance events.