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Drop-In Intro Lessons 

Easy learn how to swing dance drop-in lessons for new beginners are where the basic and a few easy moves are taught. The list below includes moves taught on Jump Joint Surrey opening night to present day at TWU. See also moves taught at Kwantlen Surrey and SFU Surrey . Check it out! 


Trinity Swing Dance Saturday Night Drop-In Lessons:

Fall 2017 Swing 6 and 8 Count Triple Lindy Hop

Nov 18: 

Nov 11: Travel in LINE OF DANCE: CP Jockey with Side Tap. Follow Promenade + half circle to repeat, Promenade to OP, OP basics.Competition Whip, Side tap break coming out of CW. Basic 8 count to CP.

Nov 4: OP Basic 8 count, Flip Flop, Follow Break, 1st half Follow Break,( Side Close) 4X meringue style, last half of Follow break.

Oct 14: Jocjey, Send Out, Hammerlock, Exit to OP or CP, Cuddle,

Oct 7: Jockey, CP Basic, Send Out to 2 hands, OP basic, (American Armslide, Pull to trade places: after lesson), Break with Tacky Ann, Return to CP.

Sept 30: Jockey, CP Basic, Roll out to R to R, Tap the back, Rock Pull to trade places in OP,Basics, Loop to CP

Sept 23: Jockey in CP, Basic CP Box, Tuck Turn (Arch Turn) to OPTrade Places with Follow Loop turn to 2 hands. OP Basic in 2 hands,OP Basic in 2 hands, Tuck turn trading places, releasing the right hand. Frisbee Toss to OP, Frisbee to CP.

Sept 16: Jockey in CP with 4 walks. Travel in CP with Jazz walks.(gliding) Use Jazz walks to move to OP. Frisbee Toss to OP Jazz Walks or do Shim Sham step.

Sept 9: 6 count CP Box Basic, Leads back up on 2 triples to OP. 2 OP 6 count Basics, Trade Places with Follow Arch Turn, Trade Places with Follow Loop Turn. On count 2 lead follow into CP. Take second triple to the Side.

Fall 2016 to Spring 2017

Nov 26: Rock Step to Trucking in CP Box, Send Out to OP in 2 hands, Trucking in OP,  Follow loop turn to R to R, Frankie Strut in reverse skaters with X walks or Trucking, Exit with  free tuck out, Pull to CP, Charleston, Ending 2nd charleston with push count 6, step back 7, drag back count 8.

Nov 19: CP basic with follow Jersey bounce, Send Out, Trade Places, OP basic into both Jump. 6 count Lindy Circle to CP flat, Charleston, 6 count Swing Out, Sling Shot, 6 Count Circle to CP. 

Nov 12: CP flat Jig walks, Rock step tuck POP follow (jump), Jig Walks in OP, Pull to CP, Charleston, Kick thru Charleston, Charleston.

Nov 5: 2 Charleston in Flat, CP rock step walk 4 steps, 2 CP 6 count basics, circling, Free Tuck, R to R pull, Side rock, 4 Walks: X pivot, Tap hand(palm to palm) step, X pivot Tap,, X Catch follow on the waist into CP.

Oct 29: Electric Slide warm up. CP 4 walks circling, CP Basic, Charleston Flat, 6 Count Swing Out to OP, Mess Around, OP Basics, Man`s Wrap, Both Frisbe Toss, Mess Around, OP basics, Man`s wrap, Frisbe to CP.

Oct 22: CP basic, Tuck Turn with no front hand, R to R Pull through, Pull to CP, 20s Charleston in flat, Lindy Charleston, and extension.

Oct 15: Charleston and walk extension, CP to OP to CP with quarter turn 

Oct 8: CP basic, Tuck Turn, OP basic, Follow Loop turn to CP, Tuck Turn to 2 hands, cuddle with quarter turn, cuddle basic, cuddle exit, Loop to CP.

October 1st: Jigs, Tuck Turn, 2X Follow Loop Turn trading places, Pull to CP

Sept 24 CP <> OP with quarter turn to CP in a 4 wall, Trade Places Follow 2X, Lead 2X, Lead wrap, Follow trade places, OP > CP with quarter turn.

Sept 17: 2CP basics to 2 OP basics, CP Tuck Turn with high 5, OP follow spin to CP, Rock Sppin returning to CP, CP 6 Jig Kicks, CP lean Dip.

Fall 2015 to Spring 2016

March 12, Shim Sham completed. Triple Lindy: 8 count basic, CP forward and back triples or side to side, Follow Break or Fake Charleston, Follow Promenade.

March 5, 6 count Triple in CP, Arch Turn in palm to palm to OP (do triples forward and back), Loop to CP, 8 count Triple in CP, Fake Charleston, 8 count circle. Shim Sham.

Feb 27, Triple Step: Send Out, OP, Return. Shim Sham part 1, 2, 3 & Break, Charleston,

Feb 20, Lesson for fast dancing: CP Charleston 3X, Break: RS Shaky, Shaky, Shake. 4X 6 count basic in CP Circling, Break as above, Send Out to OP in 2 hands, 3X OP Basic, Break as above, 2X Lead Wrap to R to R Pull Through, Break as above, Lead Wrap to CP, Lead right arm Dip Break in front, CP basics. OR: 2 Charleston, 2X (CP basic plus CP basic with half turn) Send Out to 2 hands, 4X OP basic, 2X Trade Places: Lead Wrap, R to R Pull, OP Basic, Lead Wrap to CP, Basic in CP, Break Dip with Lead`s R arm bringing Follow in front with RS Break, Peck 3X in Dip crossing shoulders, CP Basic.

Feb 13, Triple Step, CP Basic, Circle, Promenade, Lead wrap, Free Pull in R to R, Wrap to CP, Dip.

Feb 6, CP, Running Tuck Turn, Frisbee, Pull to CP,

Jan 30,  Triple Step: CP, Send Out, OP with Side Triple, Trade Places with Loop Turn, OP Basic Side Triple, Return

Jan 23, Triple CP, Running Tuck Turn, Frisbee, Pull to CP, 

Single Time: Charleston (1 kick) Fake Charleston, Promenade with Pecking, Promenade to OP, 

Jan 16, Tuck Turn, OP Frisbee Toss, Hammerlock, forward Rock Spin exit, R to R forward rock into arm rest position for cherry drop back on the bent right knee, push exit up on left foot, both rock step on right foot to exit out to OP, double head loop to CP

Nov 21, Repeat Lesson prepped on Oct 24.

Nov 14, #1 repeat lesson from Oct 24. #2 Step Crosses, in OP to leads right side, then to leads left side and FrisbeeToss ending. #3 Charleston in Tandem, Shim Sham steps.

Nov 7, #1 CP triple basic, Tuck Turn to 2 handin OP, Cuddle, Dip. #2 CP Charleston, Jump, Mess Around, Dip (coat hanger)

Oct 24, CP Tuck Turn, OP hand change to R to R, Pull to Skaters, Skate 234, 5678, Jump to Mess Around, RS Lead Duck down up to shoulder drape, Dip follow, Lead Duck and Pop out Follow to OP on Lead`s right side in R to R, hand change, Pull to CP.

Oct 17, Single Time Swing: CP, Arch Turn, OP basic to R to R: Loop follow, Hook Shoulder Drape lead to Dip follow on Lead`s left side, his arm around her waist and right hands joined behind lead`s head. RS Block and lead lunge on right leg to dip follow. Push to close feet,. Lift and lower right hands connected in front to loop turn exit. OP hand change. Pull to CP.

Jump Joint Monday Drop-In Class: 2012 Fall Semester:

Oct 22, CP basic, All points of connection. Jam circle claps, cutting in. Faster music. Hitting a break.

Oct 15, CP flat free outside hands: Walks Runs, Circling, Styling, Freezes, Lindy charleston: RS Step Swing your leg, Circling. Lead Follow Connection and Musicality.

SFU Sat 2012 Fall Semester:

Oct 20, Musical phrasing: 4 CP basics & one 8ct. Arch Turn and Loop Turn to CP. CP ONE STEP with styling, variations, arch & loop turns.

Oct 13, CP free hands walk (heel toe) & run (toe heel), Freezes, Charleston, CP basic with front hand connection, Circling in CP.

TWU: Thurs 2012 Fall Semester: 

Nov 15, Trading places with follow loop turn.

Nov 8 OP basic in 2 hands, one hand, quarter turn to CP.

Nov 1, Review

Oct 25, Cuddle In and Out

Oct 18, Review, Follow half turns.

Oct 11, OP basic, Outside(Arch Turn) to Inside turn. Inside Turn (Loop Turn) to CP. CP basic. Charleston.

Oct 4, CP Jigs basic. CP basic, OP basic one hand, OP to CP basic.

Sept 27, OP Basic, Arch Turn, Loop turn, Dip. Rotating in the basic.

Sept 20, Charleston in CP, OP basic one hand, Charleston to CP basic.

Sept 13, Lindy Charleston, OP basic, CP basic, Switching positions., Charleston styling with bounces, walks forward and back.

Sept 6, OP basic, loop turn hand change to R to R loop turn to shoulder slide to hip block to hand change.

2012 Jump Joint Beginner Single Lindy Hop 10 Weeks Basics Passport Series:

Sun Apr 29: Review, 8 ct Charleston
Sun Apr 22: Wrap In to Kicks. Rock Step Jump to OP
Sun Apr 15: Wrap In, Wrap in to double turn out.
Wed Apr 4: Wrap In to Sailor Walks leaning away. Exit lead 1/2 turn L, follow 1/2 turn R on the walks.
Sun Apr 1st: X Kicks
Wed Mar 28: CP Flat Kicks, CP Square to Partner travelling Kicks, OP Kicks. Shim Sham
Sun Mar 25: R to R Her Underarm, He Change Hands Behind the Back
Wed Mar 21: Sweetheart to Passing Free Spin,
Sun Mar 18:  Sweetheart Tuck to R to R OP, Passing Free Spin or Her Underarm to Hand Change
Fri March 16: Shim Sham styling in OP. Side Rock Twin Travelling Turns to OP/ CP.
Fri March 16: CLOVERDALE LEGION: American Armslide to twist walks with Shimmers, Shoulder Slide to change hands back to OP.
Wed March 14: Review American Armslide, Frisbe Spin.
Sun: March 11: American Armslide, His hand Change Behind the Back.
Wed: March 7: CP Tuck Turn to R to R to She Goes, He Changes the hand behind the back.
Sun: March 4:  Shim Sham moves, Wrap to R to R 
Wed: Feb 29: 2 Shim Sham moves, Her Loop turn trading places, OP tuck turn, Cuddle, Roll out and tuck to OP.
Sun 26: Men`s Wrap, She Goes He Wraps

Wed Feb 22: She Goes He Goes, Tuck Turn to OPSun Feb 19: Triple basic for CP, Underarm to OP, Loop turn to trade places. OP to CP basic. 

Wed Feb 15: 8ct charleston, CP tuck turn, She goes He goes.

Sun Feb 12: Same as below plus OP to CP to OP plus review ) Competition Walks, Shoulder slide walk, Lariat or egg roll. (Challenge: Body Wave, swivel walks, crazy legs) 

Wed Feb 8: Closed Position Basic, Outside to Inside Turn. (Challenge: swivel styling, Tuck turn, Tuck spin, Double Trouble)

Sun Feb 5: Same as below.

Wed Feb 1: Open Position Basic, Outside to inside turn. (Challenge Tuck turn, Double Trouble)


Sun Dec 18: Christmas Dance Lesson, Walking in a Winter Wonderland: Hold hands in flat, walking. Skate: Walk forward and backward. Wrap & Unwrap the Gift with Cuddle Basic, Rockin` Christmas Tree with CP squared off CW rotation rocking from side to side, lead`s left hand joined to follows right held high as a star on the tree.

2011 10 week Fall Passport to Lindy Hop series:

Sun Dec 4th: Wrap to unwrap with double turn out. 

Wed Nov 30th: Tap the back step, 

10. Sun Nov 27th: CP traveling kicks with a half turn to change direction (using only one arm around the waist connection) Front hands free.

Wed Nov 23: She Goes He Goes from 2 Crossed Arm hold. R to R rock pull Follow Free Spin.

9. Nov 20: Dish Rag

Nov 16: 2 hand OP both rock turn. OP Side Rock Travel Turn, She Goes He Goes (her loop turn, his wrap) with his Hand Change Behind the Back.

8. Nov 13: Skaters, sweetheart, exit: pull thru to open or CP. 

Nov 9: Dance to Swing Kids Woodside 200bpm music. OP in 2 hands RS JUMP to palm to palm push to jump back, basics to partner or Zone Out kick steps in solo circle circling arms (swing kids movie). OP RS BREAK: X Palm push to R to R push into follow spin or the Zone out kicks.

7. Nov 2: OP 1 hand lead: Outside Inside Turn, 2 hand lead to Follow Wrap and Cuddle.

Nov6: CP Tuck Turn to OP, American Armslide

6. Oct 26 & Oct 30: Cherry Drop or Sit, Flat to Tuck Jump, Traveling Kicks in Flat. 

5. Oct 19 & Oct 23:  Cuddle X kicks, Review of Cuddle and YOYO

4. Oct 12 & 16: CP Flat traveling Kick Basic, Free hand on rock to tuck turn to OP, Man`s Wrap to R to R, Shoulder drape to OP, Cuddle, Cuddle basic, Cuddle YoYo (tuck out to OP)

3. Oct 2 & 5th, Putting it all together. 

2. Sun Sept 25 & Wed Sept 28: 6ct single Lindy CP basic, CP kick basic in flat, Outside turn to OP, Inside turn trading places, OP basic, OP kick basic, Follow Underarm or loop turn trading places, basic to CP.

1. Sun Sept 18 and Wed Sept 21st: Lesson #1 of 10 in level one SINGLE LINDY OP basic in 2 hands rotating, Outside Follow turn on lead`s left side with lead moving out of the way and walking around. Inside Follow turn passing on Lead`s right side with lead again moving out of the way walking around the follow.

FALL 2011 SINGLE LINDY SERIES STARTS. Lessons repeat every 10 weeks. Drop-ins welcome. Series students start anytime for 10 weeks.

Wed Sept 14: CP  basic, underarm to OP, Follow Loop turn, OP basic to CP. 

Sun Sept 11: CP Free Tuck to OP, R to R Tuck and FRISBE TOSS

Wed Aug 17: Wrap in from OP. Lead underarm trading places. Charleston in CP

Wed Aug 10: OP to Sweetheart. Tuck turn to OP. Shoulder drape to CP

Wed Aug 3: CP to 2 hands OP to CP, OP tuck turn, Follow inside turn to trade places.

Wed July 27: Underarm to OP. Tuck spin, underarm to CP.

Wed July 20: OP X Kicks, Follow Cuddle, Fake Cuddle to change sides to 2 hand OP. 

Wed July 13: CP Charleston to OP, Follow underarm trading places, SIT dip from CP.

Wed July 6: Rotating in CP, Charleston, Kicks forward.

Wed  June 29: OP Outside to Inside Turn. Tunnel, Double Shoulder drape to CP

Wed June 22: Cuddle, Underarm

Wed June 15;  Darryl`s rockabilly swing basics, op rotation, cuddle, cuddle exit to op for lead. 

Wed June 8; tuck spin off lead left palm from cp to op, tuck or step crosses in a line or circling into hesitation tuck

Wed June 1; op hand to hand charleston, 2 hand follow spot loop turn, 2 hand lead spot underarm turn.

May 29: CP tuck turn, octopus, cuddle, cuddle yo-yo, underarm to cp.

May 22: Cuddle, Cuddle roll out to spin to dip

May 15: Follow wrap in, Follow double turn out of wrap in, sweetheart, tuck turn, pull to CP

May 8th: CP free tuck to OP, R to R pull to CP,

Sun May 1st: Lead wrap to R to R, pull thru to CP, 2 Fakey Charleston,

April 17: CP Lollies (move fwd or circle CW) Underarm to OP, She goes-He Goes! 

April 10:  CP charleston, from handshake to OP break to hand to hand charleston, 4 count lead out to OP basic ( lead does R kick step rock step)  

April 3: Free Tuck turn from closed to OP, Charleston

Mar 27: OP Follow Underarm, Mans Wrap, FU first slow-MW second slow.

Mar 20: OP Tuck Turn, Loop turn, OP to CP.

Mar 13: Cuddle, arm-slide, sweetheart, free spin

Feb 20: Rotating in OP, Arch turn, Loop turn, Loop  turn with  hand change, R to R Loop Turn- hand change. 

Feb 13: Tuck spin. Leads for traveling on the dance floor. In CP and OP repeat the slows in the 6ct basic.  Travel forward or backward also travel CW in CP. 

Feb 6 Circling in CP basic, Charleston with 3 kicks in flat CP. Rock push her underarm to OP. Rock pull return her to CP. OP basic to she goes underarm on first slow, he goes on second slow. 

Jan 30 OP Lead wrap to handshake hold. Follow loop turn to his shoulder drape, block and dip her on lead`s left side. Up to balance and undrape the arm. Rock step into repeat loop turn to hand change. 

Jan 23 CP basics, 4 slows rotating in CP, OP basics, follow underarm to change places.  

Jan 16 CP to OP to CP. Extending the basic: Wheel, Follow twist styling, lead crazy legs. 

Jan 9 2011: CP underarm to OP to Shake hands, Pull release to change sides and regrab for basic OP.

Dec 19: Traveling Kicks, Butterfly, Stacked Hand Turns.

Dec 12: Cuddle, Cuddle Corte, Cuddle Tuck Turn to OP

Nov 28: APACHE, TUCK SPIN, Rock Spin Frisbe: 2 hand follow spin to CP. 

Nov 21: FAST CHARLESTON, 4ct: RS Slap Slap in CP, JERSEY BOUNCE in CP, RS Down Up to OP, Follow 2 HAND SPIN to CP. 


Nov 14: OP American Armslide, She Turns & His Hand Change Behind the Back


Nov 7: Duck & Dive

Oct 31st: Follow Solo Spot Turns with Lead CW Rotation: 2 inside turns with hand changes. Lead spot wrap to R to R and follow solo turn to CP.


Oct 24: Left Side Pass, Follow Outside Passing Turn, Inside Passing Turn, J lead to CP

Oct 17: APACHE ~LL FOOL YA, R to R pull release to CP.

Oct 3: Free TUCK from closed to open, follow SPOT LOOP turns: his L to her R and R to R with SHE GOES HE GOES.

Sept 26: Penguin Swing for super fast swing music, Tuck turn from CP to OP

Sept 19: Follow Free Spin, Easy Dip

Sept 12: Send Out and Return.

May 16: American Armslide, Fall Backs, Twin Turns, Alternating underarm for the follow with magic hands to basic OP.

May 9: Jig Kicks in CP, Crocagator Kicks in OP.

May 2: Cherry Drop

April 25: OP Slow Drag with basic to the side, Backward Skater: R to R: lead infront with back to follow pulls her forward in a full loop turn to skaters, Windows: alternating underarms for lead and follow.

April 18: CP EASY LINDY CHARLESTON, CP, Outside to Inside ladies turn (Hand change to R to R), SUPER SHOULDER DRAPE & HIP CHECK, OP.

April 11: Skater`s Slide: in skaters push follow with right hand and catch with the left hand, pull her back into skaters, Getting Ahead: moving from CP to open pushing into the follows right palm with his Left hand on ct 2 so she moves back as the lead comes infront!  

Mar 14: Getting Ahead Cuddle Pull to OP. Double Hand Twin Inside Outside Turns.

Mar 7: CP with back connection only into OP with one hand connection. Lead`s SPOT LOOP Turn. Follow UNDERARM with Lead WRAP. Underarm to magic 2 hand connection into Follow WRAP IN and 2 hand turn out!  

Feb 28: Bounce: Lock Turn, Twist step for 20s Charleston. CP GUY SPIN to OP, Lead R to Follow L: RS XBreak Step. Use the Break step to OP and switch to regular handhold on second slow. In OP R to R do X Break Step-2X On 3rd time give her a loop turn.

Feb 21: TOUCH STYLING in OP to the side or to the back, Rotate CW while performing: Underarm R to R. Sweetheart to X arm hold to double hand loop turn and MAGIC HANDS to OP. 

Feb 14: OP: The DIP: Front Corte and oversway to TANGO dip

Feb 7: Jigs: From CP rock step and square off to kick step kick step(alternating feet) while rotating CW(joined high held hands in clasped hold. Peppermil is step Xs in CP using a down up styling. Continue same styling with underarm changing places and underarm to closed!

Jan 31: Bounce with Me! CP rock step , bounce (on both feet) Forward and back. Use same styling to go from CP to OP. In OP in 1 hand: rock step lead her forward (angled almost hip to hip) and down on the first slow and back and up on the second slow-keep this styling for her underarm turn as the lead walks around her. OP in 2 hands: rock step bounce on both forward (Rto R shoulder with long lead left arm) Reverse the side and arms on the repeat. GREAT LESSON!

Jan 24: Touch and Go: Spot Turns from CP and OP. Lead thinks rock, pull, push (with palm at her waist height) and turn her on the second slow. Similar dynamics to tuck turn only it is a flashy spin for the girl. Can do as a free spin!

Jan 17: Jammin`routine: Run or crab walk backwards to your partner in the centre of the Jam circle: Turn to face in kneeling or standing position: clap 1&2, peck over R shoulders, L shoulders and double peck over R shoulders, repeat with clap and peck, in standing position lead does badum to signal a new move: R to R to  skaters and SKATE off with partner!

Jan 10 2010: Itchin and Switchin. OP Lead`s wrap to his L underarm, Repeat: wrap to R to R to Tap the Back. End with 2 follow loop turns: lead changes the hand on top inbetween the 2 turns-for the extended basic.

Dec 20 2009: Peppermint Twist. Lead the girl into a twist together down 4cts and up 4cts in: hammerlock, open position and in skaters! Only in skaters do both patrners twist the same way.

Dec 13: Underarm Wonderland of Fun: CP underarm to OP. Outside follow turn changing places and the hand to R to R: continuous pattern CW rotating Loop turn to change the hand and OP basic change the hand again. Lead wrap to CP. 

Dec 6: The Guy takes the wrap to R to R and guy and girl shine with duo tuck spin!

Nov 29: Power CP basic with Lead on 2: Push into OP: Power into cuddle: Power out with push using L or R lead hand. Power roll out and roll up into cuddle dip! Power lead into CP.

Nov 22: HIS & HER POWER TURNS-leading on ct 2 & not trading places: CP underarm to open, Lead arch turn, Using Lead right hand: her loop turn and his loop turn.

Nov 15: Frankie Manning`s SHIM SHAM SHIMMY

Nov 8: LINDY CHARLESTON BASIC, FREEZE STYLING (from Swing Kids movie) hold 5678 1-kick 2-bend 3-kick 4-plant, OP to FLAT for charleston. OP BASIC with HEEL POP styling

Nov 1st: Bunny Hop Conga Line, Monster Hop, American Armslide: 8ct rotation with CRAZY LEGS or SWIVELS.


Oct 18: Her Underarm-His Change Hands Behind The Back, His Lariat, CP Double Under to OP.

Oct 4: Triple Step, Sweetheart from walk across to R to R, Double Hand Turns: Inside Turn & Outside Turn, Passing Free Spin to change sides.

Sept 27: Closed Position (CP) Tuck Turn, Open Position (OP) Tuck Turn, Free Tuck Turn from CP to OP. 

September 20: Triple Step, Charleston, She Goes, He Goes, Flat to Duo Spin

September 13 2009: Arch Turn & Loop Turn changing Places, Lead styling getting down low at the end of the Arch Turn, staying low thru the Loop turn to catch her elbow with R lead hand and slide down to take the follow`s L hand in OP. 

Aug 16 LOOP TURN: CP -OP, OP-OP, Cuddle IN & OUT, Cuddle Duck out to OP,

Loop Turn to CP. **

Aug 9: OP Break: Mess Around, Twin Turns: Lead under his L hand first: Lead Ftwrk: 1 full L turn in 2 steps, Follow: X behind lead back then X again turning R to face Lead.

Aug 2nd: American Armslide and ShBoom, Rock Step Step- POP back: 2X and end in OP.

July 26: Texas Tommy in CP to OP, Shoulder slide and Hip Push (Sh Boom) back to OP, CP: Hip Push follow to OP, Twin Turns: L hand on top, R joined underneath; Girl turns first.

July 19: CP Guy Underarm to OP, OP RS Tuck Spin Girl to her R using Guy`s L hand, X arm Tuck Spin her using Guy`s R hand. **

June 21: The Tunnel, Line Dance: Hafinale

June 14: CP Loop Turn to OP, Man`s Flat Back.

June 7: Rock Step Jump Jump for: CP Tuck Turn, OP Push, Basics to OP,

May 10: Wrapin to Jump

May 3: Duck Walk and 2 Head Loops to CP

Apr 26: Sweetheart to Frankie`s Strut

Apr. 19: OP X Arm Spin, OP 2 Hand Tuck Free Spin

April 5: CP Step Xs, CP Rock Step X--Rock Step Loop Turn Her to OP**

March 29: Tuck Spin from CP, Fakey Charleston

March 22: Octopus

March 15: 2 Handed X Kicks, Wrap In Unwrap

March 8: Rubber Tire and Sh`Boom

March 1: American Armslide and Underarm to Change Hands.

Feb 22: Sweetheart, Passing Free Spin

Feb. 15: Cuddle and Cuddle YoYo

February 8: From R to R : She Turns, He Turns Changing Hands Behind the Back

February 1: Man`s Skin Turn. CP Drop front hands and Walk, Tuck Turn.

January 25: 2 Handed Spins from OP for Guy Girl or Both. CP basic circling. CP Out to INside Turns/Changing Places. She goes He Goes.

January 18, 2009: East Coast Kicks, OP Outside to Inside Turns /Changing Places, OP CW rotation.