Learn How to Swing Dance Saturday Nights
Learn How to Swing Dance Saturday Nights

Learn How to Swing Dance Saturday Nights

The Level 1 Lindy Hop video above is an introduction to swing dance using Single Time Lindy Hop. We made this simple video to prepare you for our Beginner Swing Course where we teach a mix of Single and Triple Time Lindy Hop basics. The Level 2 Video below is a sample of some of the Triple Time Lindy Hop basics we teach.. Beginner Swing Lessons and DJ Swing Dances are held on Saturday nights at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC.        

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Watch the Kid perform in the 2 videos above. 
Partial proceeds donated to benefit Surrey charity www.metrokids.ca

Robson Hall, Trinity Western University, 7600 Glover Rd. Langley, BC  
View Robson Hall in Google Maps or just follow the Red Dance Signs posted on campus.
Learn how to swing dance Saturday nights in Langley, BC, Retro Swing Kid  & company teach all ages how to swing dance with fast fun easy triple time LINDY HOP., t
he original social partner dance from the 1930s. No Partner Necessary, No Dance Experience Required! The 8pm Beginner Swing Lesson is followed by a SWING DANCE where you can dance yourself  happy to the swinging jazz music of the 30s and 40s. Swing Dances are held on the TWU campus in ROBSON HALL by invitation of the Student Recreation Services Department. Swing Classes/Courses & Dances are every Saturday except May thru August. PRIVATES MAY & AUGUST in South Surrey Swing Studio. 
Swing Dances & Classes are all open to the General Public.Thanks for taking the time to check us out on line! 

GROUPON DEALSSave money! Look for deals on Groupon under Jump Joint Swing! Get a really big deal on a 6 Hour Beginner Swing Dance Course for one or two persons! The 2 Beginner group classes + 2 privates for one or 2 persons is a great way to celebrate a special occasion and a fun way to get a crash course.
Register a Groupon: Registration required for all Groupon purchases. To register: email or call/text the Retro Swing Kid. Provide your name, email, contact phone number + the 8 digit voucher bar code. 
Groupon Pass-holders of 6 Hour Beginner Swing Course for 2 persons are provided with a 2 hour private. A single Pass-holder is provided with of one hour private.
Beginner 2 Group/ 2 Private Groupon Holders are provided with a 2 hour Private and an optional 1 hour of swing dancing with the instructor at a local swing dance. Please see more info on PRIVATES below.

Robson Hall is closed May through August.
MAY & AUGUST: Swing Privates at the South Surrey Swing Studio 
Last Saturday Swing Dance in Robson Hall before May closing is April 28.  
Saturday Swing Dances at Robson Hall resume September 8, 2018
Saturday Night Dance 

APRIL 7 to 28: DOORS OPEN 7:00 PM

Beginner Lesson 7:30 to 9pm 

APRIL 28: SWING BONANZA Synonyms: blessing, bonus, Godsend, windfall.

Learn a variety of fun easy swing dance basics every Saturday:) 

 *Dancers are invited to rotate partners in the Beginner Lesson. Please see Safe Space Dance Etiquette

 DJ Dance 9 to 11pm  

* Please note that the DJ Dance opens with The Lord`s Prayer.


TWU Students: $2
N/C Birthday Dancers + 5 Friends

DANCE ONLY 9 -11pm: $5
N/C TWU students  

Watch Pamela`s Famous Birthday Jam: 


April 7 to 28 

Email: retroswingkid@gmail.com  Call /Text 604 536 0195 or 778 867 1457 

All courses except the Beginner Group/Private Course are 6 hours long and include the DJ SWING DANCES 9 to 11pm. Take the Beginner Lesson as a 6 Hour Beginner Course.  Take the Beginner Course to qualify for the Intermediate Course. To register for a swing course: email or call/text the Retro Swing Kid and provide your name, email, contact phone number and if it is a Groupon also provide the 8 digit code on the voucher.  A Drop-in Option is available for most courses. Course payment is required on the 1st Saturday you start your course. Please arrive 10 minutes early to pay with correct cash or by cheque. Sorry, no debit/credit cards. (We recommend wearing comfortable clothing, and bringing a water bottle. For shoes, make sure you can move around in them easily and that they'll stay on your foot - a low tread sneaker like Keds works well.)

**If after registering for a course, you find you are unable to attend, please let us know by replying to your confirmation e-mail.** It is common for our classes/privates to have a waiting list and we would like to place eager students. Notify us by e-mail before the lesson begins in order to keep your class credit. Classes are non-transferable once the series has begun. Vouchers will be redeemed. Thank you for your cooperation.


1st photo: Retro Swing Kid, Enda Tan (R),  Bottom left: Brenden Reid & Ayla, Bottom right: Timothee Govare 


4 Saturdays Apr 7-Apr 28 at 7:30 to 9pm 

Learn how to swing dance with my 6 Hour Beginner Course. It is a fun easy way to learn a variety of beginner swing dance basics! I assume that you can only count to 2, walk and run a little. You will get lots of repetition! The steps I teach are simple! Lots of laughs! No pressure! Learn new easy moves every week! We teach a combination of Level 1 and 2 basics from the top 2 videos above. Each class closes with an Instructor Jam where all the students have an opportunity to dance with the instructor. Look terrific on the dance floor! Satisfaction guaranteed after your very first class in your course or the balance of your money cheerfully refunded!

COST: $25 or $7 TWU students

DROP-IN: $7 or TWU students $2



2 Beginner Group/2 Private Course

COST: $58 or Pay by Groupon voucher. 

Good for 2 persons. 

Learn how to swing dance with a Crash Course! It includes two Beginner Group Classes and 2 Private Lessons with the Instructor either before or after the Saturday group class. The Crash Beginner option is perfect for those with busy schedules. Group/Private students are not required to rotate in the group classes. MAY & AUGUST Beginner Group/Private students are provided with a 2 hour Private in the South Surrey Swing Studio and one hour of social dancing with the instructor at a local social dance. 

Privates : Cost for 1 or 2 persons: $25/hour 
Take a Private Swing Dance Lesson before a wedding or a cruise! Book ahead. 
Saturday  privates are held at the Saturday dance in Robson Hall. Week Day Privates for couples/ladies/children are held in the South Surrey Swing Studio







4 Saturdays Apr 7-Apr 28 at 6:30 to 7:30pm 


Take the Performance Coaching instead:)

FALL 2018 4 SATURDAYS 7:30 to 8:45pm   

 INTERMEDIATE SWING-OMATIC: Learn how to dance Lindy Hop with combinations of 6 and 8 count triple patterns as well as Charleston and some single time moves. A Beginner Swing Course is recommended before taking the Intermediate Course. 

COST/4 hour course: $30 or $55/2 or $10/TWU student

Cost includes the Swing Dance 9 to 11PM

 DROP-IN: $10/person or $4/TWU student 

Triple Step Exercises:



Single/Triple Lindy Hop
Take it Easy Swing Outs:


 Lindy Hop + Charleston in a Day:







10 Saturdays
February 24 to April 28
9:45 to 10:30PM (during the social dance)
Cost is included with payment for the social dance. This is the most fun swing dance experience offered at Trinity Swing Kids; and well worth the effort to participate. Look smashing on the dance floor! Just show up to the DJ SWING DANCE by 9:30pm to participate. Partner required if doing aerials:) There is no group instruction provided, just personal coaching while the social dance is going on. From the videos below you can choose some EASY moves you want to work on. Contact retroswingkid@gmail.com to book your coaching assistance before you arrive. Individual creativity is encouraged. Dips and Tricks OK. Level 1 Beginner aerials OK only if done with with 2 trained spotters in an area on the dance floor reserved for performance aerial coaching. More advanced aerials require separate training from a paid professional. .


https://youtu.be/9gXlBz-9_1E Harvest Moon Ball
Minnie`s Moochers Routine

Routine to Sam Cooke`s Song Twistin the Night Away

2017 Junior Lindy Hop Championships

Juniors Victor and Wilma


Harlem Hot Shots, Echoes of Harlem Jam



6 count triple delight

Single/Triple Lindy Hop